Table Mountain (Tafelberg) - Nord Cascade Gebirgszug 2016

  • Hallo, Norman,

    das Negativ mag gerettet sein (ich vermute, das war der Grund für Dein Farmersches Bleichen), aber an meinem Monitor stellt sich das Ergebnis leider etwas matschig dar, und ohne Tiefe .
    Wie wirkt es denn in Deinem Original?


  • Hallo Ritchie,

    Mir gefällt was ich sehe. Das Negativ wurde überbelichtet, weil ich nicht auf den Auslöser zu schließen erinnerte sich, bevor Sie den Abdeckschieber Entfernen(?). Deshalb war es notwendig, den negativ zu reduzieren. Ich glaube, dass die daraus resultierende lange Belichtung eines sich schnell bewegenden und schnell Hebe Nebel (und das wechselnde Licht) ist, was der Himmel seine fleckige Aussehen verleiht. Die Reduktion verleiht nichts Besonderes auf dem Weg des Bildes erscheint.


    N. Riley

  • Hello rummenigge2. Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Yes, accidents do happen. I was fortunate to benefit from an accident many years ago: inadvertent overexposure of a print with greatly foreshortened development (literally about 5 seconds) gave an extraordinary painterly quality to my pictorial images on Ektalure G. I could not reproduce this effect on any other paper, especially glossy ones, but learned to reproduce it many times on Ektalure when I worked in that style. Here I made the mistake of not closing down the shutter before I pulled the dark slide, and that it why it was necessary to reduce this negative. (I was not about to simply give up on it after standing at this location in the cold for nearly 4 hours waiting for the sky and light to change in my favor.) I know uneven reduction can occur for various reasons, but I do not think that is what happened here. I think the interesting effect seen here is due to the circumstance I tried to describe: an unintentionally long exposure of a fast moving sky. If this effect were due to uneven reduction, I would expect to see that uneven effect in the middle ground and foreground as well - but I do not. I can think of no other reason why this effect should occur, and I should add that I used a proportional reducer which means all values were equally affected. I am very sorry that my German is not better. As it stands now, I must work from a combination of what I can remember from my 13 years there and from machine translation. It is not a good situation at all. It prevents me from contributing to forum discussions here as I would like, especially on technical matters, and it prevents me from sharing ideas about the current and future state of art photography. Please accept my apology.

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