[FS] Linhof Color 45 Vergrösserer und Objektive

  • Weitergeleitete Anzeige von Paul Croes aus Belgien. Bitte direkt kontaktieren unter paulcroes8@gmail.com .

    For sale

    1. Linhof Color 45 Vergröberer. Very rare..
    ( Lens mount = Linhof Techika lens board connection, easy to find )
    The enlarger needs maintenance and have some issues.
    Ground board is in not nice condition. ( Is easy changeable to a new one, de enlarger have his own frame and is not mounted on the ground board )
    The two bellows need maintenance.. some tape or replace
    The Color head inside is made by 'Chromega'.. So parts are easy to find. The button for white light setting is not working, a little part for that is broken or missing.
    All mechanical parts move smooth and precise. After some attention it could be a beautiful 4X5 inch enlarger.

    Price : 250 €

    2. Rodenstock Rodagon 150mm and 210mm in very nice condition.
    Price : 150 € for the two.

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