BEGEISTERUNG: Ein genialer Könner vor dem Herren:

  • GROßEN DANK FÜR DIESEN TIPP! wie bist du denn auf den gestoßen? der typ ist ja wunderbar. ich weiß gar nicht, woran ich mehr freude habe, an seinen bildern oder den stellenweise herrlichen texten:

    "I find my head is emptying, softening, like a unstoppered wound. Or soft cheese at attic temperatures. I’m pleased to find that my obsessions are purgative and there’s perhaps an ironic health here. Consolations as they discover. Even my crap is unrecognizable. I can freely inspect my stool without revulsion and panic. I’m smoking less, and have given up coffee in favor of green tea.

    Noe encourages me daily. He comes by my loft. He speaks at length on the aesthetics of my spartan living arrangements, like an interior decorator for the demented. He swoons comically over the sublimity of the typewriter under the bare 100 watt bulb, the 25lb bag of dry blackbeans in the cupboard, the cockroaches dried and clutched as if irradiated by cliché. He peers again at the typewriter. Wow, he says. Three words more than yesterday.

    This is the museum copy I keep for him. In truth I am writing volumes. The words flow like bukake spray. I cannot contain them. But for him I keep a separate ream of paper with only one page used, nothing crumpled or tossed, a single meticulous passage growing at an indiscernible rate, like a trifling but trickling charge from a radio wired to a starchy potato."

    dislikes? wenn es dir in deiner kleinen welt weiterhilft...
    likes? lieber nicht. unnötig.

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