SOLD __ antique French brass lens: Hermagis Aplanétique

  • Hermagis Aplanétique Nº 5bis

    from about 1896 according its serial number


    Apl. Nº 5bis

    Serie II

    f = 310mm


    Optn. Fabt. Bté. s.g.d.g.


    Nº 30.233

    focal length: 310mm

    max diaphragm: f/8

    iris diaphragm: marked 3/4 to 64, old scale "Congrès 1889" (corresponds to f/8 to f/32)

    height (with lens hood): 73mm

    frontal diameter (lens hood): 62mm

    image circle: about 44cm

    (enough for an 11x14" plate)

    image circle has been taken at infinite with full aperture; at close distances and with small apertures, the image circle can increase

    weight (with lens flange): 370g

    symmetrical optical design (4 elements, 2 groups) it is a convertible lens: if the the frontal element is unscrewed, the lens gives double focal length and increased coverage

    good condition for its age, it keeps its original lacquer, nice “patina”

    glasses: clean and clear, very light cleaning marks, almost unnoticeable

    there is no fungus, haze or separation

    diaphragm ring moves properly

    comes with lens flange

    price: 250 euros

    Shipping cost to Europe ... 11.70 euros

    USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, and all other countries ... 15.35 euros

    parcels shipped from Europe

    (insured, registered, with track and trace on internet)


    Bank Transfer preferred (Wise, Revolut)

    PayPal also accepted


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