SOLD _ [Verkaufe] Rare Berner Orthoplanat brass lens (Germany, 1898)

  • antique brass lens from the German maker W. Heinz Berner, established in Elberfeld in 1894

    the Rapid Orthoplanat was designed in 1898


    Rapid Orthoplanat Nº 2

    W.H.Berner & Co. Elberfeld

    focal length: about 210mm

    iris diaphragm: from f/8 to f/64

    height (with lens hood): 50mm

    frontal diameter (lens hood): 40mm

    image circle: about 26cm (enough for a 13x18cm plate)

    weight (with lens flange): 187g

    symmetrical optical design (4 elements, 2 groups); it is a convertible lens: if the the frontal element is unscrewed, the lens gives double focal length and increased coverage

    12 blade-iris, they form a very round aperture

    reasonably good condition for its age, nice "patina"

    glasses: clear, very light cleaning marks

    there is no fungus, haze or separation

    diaphragm ring moves properly

    comes with lens flange

    price: 95 EUR

    Shipping cost:

    Europe ... 11.70 euros

    the rest of the world ... 15.35 euros

    parcels shipped from Europan Union

    (insured, registered, with track and trace)


    Bank Transfer preferred (Wise)

    PayPal also accepted

    __ other brass lenses also available, send me a PM for further information __

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