[Verkaufe] Hermagis 13x18cm wood & brass camera (France, circa 1900) _ red leather bellows

  • good condition, nice walnut wood

    all devices working, complete

    roller-blind shutter

    full light tight red leather bellows

    image appears crisp and clear on the glass when it is adjusted at the proper distance

    f/8 brass lens, Rapid Rectilinear type, it seems to be about 180mm

    glasses: clean and clear

    its is a convertible lens if the the frontal element is unscrewed, the lens gives double focal length and increased coverage

    comes with a double-side plate holder

    length (unfolded, with lens): 59cm

    size (folded, without lens): about 26x24x12cm

    total weight (camera + shutter + lens + plate holder): 3.150 kg

    price: 360 EUR

    Shipping cost to Germany ... 18 euros

    rest of Europe (depending of your country) ... 18 to 42.15 euros

    USA and Canada ... 56.70 euros

    Australia ... 67.80 euros

    the rest of the countries ... 41.60 euros

    parcels shipped from European Union

    (insured, registered, with track and trace on internet)


    Bank Transfer preferred (Wise)

    PayPal also accepted

    __ other antique and collectible cameras and lenses also available, send me a PM for further information __

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