Reparatur einer 1938er Canon

  • Habe mehrere alte Canon Kameras und diverse Nachbauten geerbt, teils mit Originalobjektiv. Die Blende scheint den Anschein zu erwecken, verharzen zu wollen. Kann ich sie reinigen? Wenn ja womit?:roll:

    Wie zerlege ich das Objektiv CANON LENS 50mm f:1,8 um an die Blende zu kommen?

    Gruß MamaMia

  • interessante Kamera, kann es sein, dass es dieses Modell von 1942 ist?

    Frühes rangefinder Modell, mit diesem silbernen Knopf an der Front..

    Seiki Kogaku (Canon) J (Junior) rangefinder camera model, 1940

    Although considered as a general consumer market camera, but still considered as quite a rare Canon rangefinde camera model for the collectible camera market The Canon J (Junior) has slow speeds, total production of this camera only 50 pieces, only very few are known to exist. Approx. Year: c.1940 Note: Both Seiki Kogaku and Canon name were used on the top plate.

    Type: 35mm focal-plane shutter camera
    Picture Size:- 24 x 36 mm
    Standard Lens:- Nikkor 50mm f/4.5
    Lens Mount:- Threaded (non-universal) (Pitch: 24 ridges/inch Flange back: 28.8 mm)
    Shutter:- Two-axis, horizontal-travel focal-plane shutter with cloth curtains. Single-axis rotating dial for Z, 1/20, 1/40, 1/60, 1/100, 1/200, and 1/500 sec.
    Viewfinder:- Reversed Galilean viewfinder. Focusing with distance scale.
    Film Loading & Advance:- After baseplate removal, drop-in bottom loading. Advances with camera-top knob.
    Frame Counter:- Manually set from 0 to 39 at base of camera-top rewind knob.
    Film Rewind:- Camera-top knob
    Dimensions & Weight:- 136.5mm x 69mm x 30.5 mm, 620 g (with Nikkor 50mm f/4.5)

    NOTE:- Offered as early as in 1939. The codename "J" stands for Junior. A Canon RF model for general consumer market. This low-cost model had a distance scale instead of a rangefinder and uses a reversed Galilean viewfinder. It has a threaded mount and different from the usual the three-lugs bayonet lens mount used on the earlier Hansa Canon or Canon S. The standard lens offered was a Nikkor 5cm f/4.5 lens. Ref:- Canon Museum


    vllcht hilft das erstmal:

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    bleibt gesund!


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