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  • Very interesting. I was born in Germany and lived there for 13 years. For the last 50 years I have lived in the USA where no one speaks German. Consequently, I have forgotten much of the German language, including its grammatical rules, and therefore do not understand a good deal of what is written by others on this forum. I rely heavily on machine translation to help me understand and respond to comments. I suspect everyone here knows this, and I am embarrassed by the fact of my situation. I am grateful that they seem to tolerate me despite a shortcoming that should be fatal to my acceptance here. I hope the welcome extended to me occurs because the community considers my camera work to be adequate vs. other reasons easily imagined. I reach out to you in this way because I have noticed that more than one or two of your posts inspire contentious discussions, and I want to make clear to you that I harbor no anger, resentment, ill will, or other negative feeling toward you. Quite the opposite is true. I am occasionally puzzled by you, and in one instance we both remember was annoyed by you, but I view all of your images with interest and your writing with admiration. Yes, I did poke fun at you over the use of movements to control perspective. As ever, you handled that with great aplomb. Onward.


  • "You made my day!"

    Do you speak English?

    • Not it in my daily activity. But since so much interesting stuff on the web is written in English, the English language has become a daily companion. There is also a wider range of specialized literature than in other languages. But I don't understand everything, which, I'm sure, you have noticed.